While the adults are studying the Word of God in small groups, the kids and youth have plenty of activities planned. Click on the links below to see the different programs for your children.
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"Rapture!  Seven Year Tribulation!  Antichrist!  Battle of Armageddon!  666! These images evoke a myriad of emotions and opinions.  The study of End Time theology can be a tricky thing to navigate through, but not one we should avoid.  What does the Church of God believe when it comes to the end of time and Christ's return?

• Will there be a 'secret rapture of the Church'?

• What about a seven year tribulation period?

• What or who is the 'antichrist'?

• What does the Bible mean when it refers to the '144,000'?

• Will Jesus set up his kingdom here on earth and will it last for a 'Millennium'?

These are just some of the topics that Pastor Brock will be hitting on in his new Wednesday evening series.  It's important we know the truth, for the truth will indeed set us free!  Regardless of what you were taught growing up, everyone is invited to attend as we learn more about end time events and some of the teachings that exist in the world today.