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If interested please send a cover letter, resume and references to:
Barrs Mill Church of God
attention: Pastoral Search Committee
4677 State Route 93 NW
Sugarcreek, Ohio
Barrs Mill Church of God is presently taking resumes for the position of Senior Pastor. We are looking for a fully committed servant leader who is passionate about the Word of God, seeks the guidance of the Holy Spirit regarding messages, teaching, counseling, and personal life as well, while demonstrating God’s unconditional love for all people of all ages. This person must be approachable, compassionate, relatable, and preach the Word of God with authority and conviction. He/she must live the Word daily and be devoted to God, family, and church. We prefer this person have pastoral experience in the Church of God Reformation Movement (Anderson, IN)
  • Licensure/Ordination through Church of God, Anderson, Indiana
  • Relies on the guidance of the Holy Spirit
  • Believes and adheres to the Church of God teaching/doctrine regarding sin, sanctification holiness, end times, and unity.
  • Does not partake, promote, or condone alcoholic beverages, smoking, curse words, or sinful life styles.
  • Servant leader: willing to serve as well as lead - not above anyone else in the Kingdom of God; willing to give of time, self, energy to meet the needs of the ministry
The Senior Pastor needs to demonstrate:
an undeniable calling by God to be a minister
Character: integrity (Does the right thing even when no one is looking), humble, teachable, treats and leads own family with respect, dignity, and unconditional love - not overpowering or controlling (dictator).
Competent: through education and experiences establish vision, direction, and successful fruitful ministries - does not give up when things are not going smoothly
Compass: willingness/desire for continued growth - spiritual, emotional, relational, knowledge - relating to self and church as a whole. Sets goals and strives to fulfill them.
Communication: articulate the Word of God in ways all can understand and relate to, able to make vision, mission, and goals clear; Speaks truth, listens well, understanding
Capacity: able to delegate, manage time well, diplomatic, accepts necessary changes, is flexible
Culture: can relate to a rural/country environment
Conflict Resolutionist: Follows the scriptures and counsels others to follow Jesus’ teachings on problem solving.
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