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Vacation Bible School, or as we call it VBS, is the most challenging and satisfying program that the Mill does every year. It takes a lot of people giving of their time and talents to make it a success. Each summer we pick a theme. Then go to work creating a world, where the children of the community can come for a few hours a day. For one week in the summer, the children learn about God in a fun and challenging way.

Our programs are home grown. We write and produce each new program with a mind to what will grab the interest of the children. Our programs sometimes start with a popular movie, book, or song as our inspiration.

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Some of our past program titles:
“The Wisdom of God” taken from “The Wizard of Oz”
“Soul Wars” taken from “Star Wars”
“The Genesis Professor” taken from the “Nutty Professor”
“The Song of the King” taken from a Max Lucado story of the same title.
These are just a few of the programs we have done. Each program comes with five days worth of lessons.
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The children begin each night getting ready in the church sanctuary by the MC whose job it is to get them excited and singing. Then the classes split and go to four different stations in the church.
Drama Room – where the children are presented with a skit that will lead them by the end of the week to make a decision for Christ. These skits are filled with laughter and fun, but carry the serious message that Jesus is waiting for us to make the decision, do we follow him or the world.
Singing Room – each night the children are taught songs that praise God and have fun at the same time. These songs are used in the final program on Sunday.
Cookie Room and Activity Time – the children have a snack and play games that reinforce the lessons they have been learning.
Classroom – the children spend some time doing a paper activity and talking about the Drama Room and the lesson.

The children return to the sanctuary to finish the evening with fun and laughter. Throughout the week, the program’s characters make appearances to the children, to get them excited about God.

We challenge you to participate in VBS. We need actors, cookie moms, registration workers, activity leaders, teachers, the list goes on.

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