By Wednesday, do you feel tired and worn out? Do you find it difficult to focus in the middle of your week? When your alarm clock goes off on Wednesday morning, do you feel like you’ve been beat up by the world?

Sounds like a commercial for an energy drink, doesn’t it?

It’s not. BUT it is true that all of us can feel beat up by the world, which is why we need our “spiritual energy drink.”

Come & join us on Wednesday evenings for your spiritual boost.
Our small groups are designed with everyone in mind. It’s a time when we study God’s Word through various formats. It's a place where we can build each other up through prayer and fellowship. There are groups available for all ages. It will be the ‘energy drink’ for your soul!

While the adults are studying the Word of God in small groups, the kids and youth have plenty of activities planned. Click on the links below to see the different programs for your children. Help make Wednesday evenings the energy boost for the entire family.

Current Bible Study

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