This informational video will explain the subscription process for both computers and mobile devices.
Each week, the church’s sermons are uploaded to the website and can be accessed through many different devices. Subscribing to these sermons is an easy process that can help you catch up and study individual messages.

If you are subscribing from a computer, first go to iTunes (if you do not have iTunes click here to download the iTunes program). In the iTunes store search “Barrs Mill Church of God”. There you will find the link to subscribe to the sermons.

If you are subscribing from a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet, you will be prompted to select an application that will download podcasts. There are free podcast apps available on the iPhone and Android stores. The most common apps are "Podcasts" for iPhone and "TuneIn Radio" for Android. Once you download the proper app for your mobile device, you can
click here to start downloading the weekly sermons.

podcast app logoTuneIn Radio app logo

After the initial subscription, your device will automatically download the newest sermon when it becomes available.